History of Joseph John Venneri,





                                                                              CEO- Your Family Network Entertainment, Inc.

                                                                              President & Owner- Philadelphia Predators


Born the son of an orchestra leader,  Joe Venneri grew up in Brooklyn, New York. In 1959 as an original member of The Tokens musical group Joe Venneri had his first taste of success with chart  toppers such as "Tonight I Fell In Love", "Portrait Of My Love" and the ever famous "Lion Sleeps Tonight" which was a top 10 in the USA recorded by RCA Records.


In 1964 Joe Venneri worked with V.P. Shelby Singleton at Mercury Records as an Engineer, Producer and Writer. Together they produced more hits with “Dusty Springfield”, “Roger Miller”, “Jerry Lee Lewis”, “Bob Hebb”, “Leroy Van Dyke”, “Roy Druskey”, “Faron Young”, “Keith 686”, “Brook Benton”, “Spanky and Our Gang”, “The Cowsills”, “Blue Magoos”, “Leon Russell”, “Theresa Brewer”, “James Brown Orchestra”, “Sammy Davis, Jr.”, “Lola”, “Falana”, “The Flamingos”, Country music legend "Mr. Woodstock" Cliff Adam and many others.


In 1966 Joe Venneri and Shelby Singleton left Mercury records to form their own studio and label, SSS International Records in Nashville, Tennessee. Their first major success was "Harper Valley PTA.", "Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benton" and "Freddie Fender". During this period Joe Venneri was asked to move roulette records and build Incredible Sounds recording studio. Which recorded all Tico records at the time. Artist included Tito Puente, Eddie Palmiere, Orchestra Broadway, Celia Cruz,  Billy Joel, Bobby Rodrigues and many others.


In conjunction with Paramount, Joe Venneri forms a partnership with Jeff Barry to operate Century Sounds Studios in New York City. Joe Venneri works with "Dusty Springfield", "Bobby Bloom", "Andy Kim", "Neil Diamond" the cast from "Hair"  and many others. It was a memorable time for Joe Venneri in 1971.


1973 Joe Venneri opens his own studio titled, Le Studio. Le Studio recorded hit records for "Tony Orlando and Dawn", "Robert John" and The first LP's for "Melissa Manchester". Many other artists were produced.


In 1979 a busy Joe Venneri started yet another label, Magnum Records. Magnum Records Label produced the "Chicago Live" LP, "Bob Marley" "Johnny Nash", "Chuck Berry" and "Gladys Knight and the Pips" and many others.


Summer of 1980 Joe Venneri reunited with The Tokens for a concert at Radio City Music Hall. That same year Joe Venneri designed and built Park South Studios in New York City. Park South Studios recorded "The Rolling Stones (Tattoo LP)", "Rainbow", "Melba Moore", "Kashif", "Paul Lawrence", ""Luther Van Dross", "Betty Wright", Bob Marley and many others.


1984 Along with Hank Medress (Tokens group mate) and Charles Koppleman, Joe Venneri produces and engineers  for the "Weather Girls", "Scott Zito" and several other musical talents for The Entertainment Company.


In 1986 Joe Venneri designed and built City Lights Studio, A world class studio recording "Cher", "Skid Row" and numerous internationally acclaimed artists.


In 1987 Joe Venneri and Bill Carlucci formed Southside Productions, a studio responsible for "Men with Charm", "Sherman Helmsley" both with JRS Records.


1990 Joe Venneri leaves New York to South Africa where he builds six new studio rooms for the defunct EMI Studios. The new studio produced "Sarafina", CD. Joe Venneri also worked with "Hugh Masekela", "M' Bongani", "KC" and many other African artists.


1993 Pesident and Owner Joe Venneri forms Maestro Holdings, Inc. A full entertainment company which produces music CD's and videos.


In 1995 President & CEO Joe Venneri formed Planet Entertainment, a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ. Also worked with and recorded Italiana Tenor Nino Rossano, Chris Simpson, The Crystals, Philadelphia Mass Choir and many others.


In 2000 Joe Venneri acquires a 15,000 master audio catalog.


In 2001 Joe Venneri starts new label with EMI that produced and released ten cd's a month.


 In 2003 Joe Venneri designs and builds with John Smeltz Gold Studio's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which engineers Usher, The Roots, Whitney Houston and many other hit artists  which led to three Grammy nominations.


October 2007 Joe Venneri and Matthew Ray Hendrickson form Your Family Network Corporation. Your Family Network, Corp. is the parent company to five individual companies. Company's profiles include providing programming to over one billion internet users, Music for retail and digital download, Cartoon animation and creating shows for television broadcast.


January 2008 Joe Venneri becomes President of the National Powerball League. Joe Venneri is also the proud owner of the Philadelphia Predators located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Go Predators!!!


With over fifty years in the music business Joe Venneri has Produced, Co-Produced, Engineered and Written well over "100 Gold and Platinum Records". Joe is one of those special people that has seen and done it all. Joe Venneri is a true legend. When not in the studio you can find Joe practicing his martial arts skills. Joe Venneri is a member of the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame in America and internationally. Joe Venneri is a 6th Degree Black Belt in USA GOJU and attends the Academy Awards of Martial Arts presented by Alan Goldberg founder of Action Martial Arts magazine.




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